I have such good news to share.. 

First, not one seizure since your first healing. I know it was that healing that got me to change my meds in just the right way. I also know it was your work untangling my nervous system as one would a drawer full of tangled cords. The fact that you asked me “What happened when you were six?” That was dead on truth for it was a most traumatic age. 

Thank you, Gene.

Mary Jane G, Oregon

“You were kind enough to inquire about my health, so I thought I’d tell you that the last CAT scan showed absolutely nothing on the lung.”
Leonard G., Florida

“I was in such terrible pain in my arms and you offered to help me, I must admit I didn’t much believe in what you did, but I figured I’d take a chance. I had nothing to lose.

Well, I sure believe now! Thanks to you, I have had a pain-free summer and I am able to use my hand and arms for everything. Also, when you gave me energy, I really felt terrific. I feel better than I had in years."

Jeanye T, New Jersey

I had suffered a hip injury in October and, through compensation, consequently tore my left meniscus. Gene has been working on me for roughly six weeks and has helped me to complete the 2000 Nutcracker season as Principal Dancer with the Oakland ballet. His healing has been heartfelt and much appreciated.”
Lara Deans Lowe, California

Gene is an extremely perceptive, highly intuitive being. His accuracy is spot on and I can feel the joyful corroboration of Truth as he Sees/speaks it. I am very appreciative of the time we spent looking in the field together- he helped me stay on track with my life path and feel clarity and certainty around my decisions. His purity of intention, Sight, and focus/gaze is apparent and gratefully received. 

Thanks Gene!” 

Katherine P., Oregon

When I first contacted you 6 weeks ago, my father was in constant pain and could no longer use medication to relieve the pain. For the past 13 years, he had misalignment in his lower back, his right leg was numb and always cold and at the time the pain had moved all the way to his neck. My father could only walk a few steps. He was scheduled for his third major back surgery and the doctors did not offer much hope for improvement.

He never had this surgery and thanks to the healing you have done, he won’t need it. He is feeling better now than he has felt in years. He walks almost a mile every day. He is optimistic, energetic and has a zest for life. My father’s doctor is astounded by the result as well.

I don’t know how you did what you did Gene – you never met my father and he was 6,000 miles away. Somehow you opened a healing channel that went halfway across the world. Your constant attention was felt daily by my father.

I am very thankful for the miraculous work you have done.”

Monika S, Germany

“Gene has helped my chronic pain, and I feel better than I've felt in years. I’m actually enjoying those things I struggled with before I was dealing with pain. Whenever I have free time, I’ll have Gene work on me.”
Kenneth Walker, California - Oakland Ballet dancer

Gene is a powerfully gifted intuitive. With his huge heart and stunning accuracy, he'll help you shift whatever's in your way.
Sylvia N., Utah

  “He's genuine and I felt really comfortable talking with him about some very personal issues.”  
Denessa C., Oregon

I was a principal dancer with the Oakland Ballet. I have danced all over America, and a few other countries around the world. In November 2000 my trapezius, neck and back seized up. I continued to dance in pain, as I have done for 17 years whenever this problem would occur.

Gene Tresenfeld had been around the Oakland Ballet for a couple of months working with other artists who had injuries. It was the company’s last day in the studio before leaving town for a week on tour. My pain was getting worse. I asked Gene if he would work on me. He did for about 45 minutes. Afterwards, my pain subsided about 65%.

Gene said, “I will work on you again tomorrow”. I replied, “The company leaves for tour tomorrow.” He said, “That’s alright. I can work on you from here (Oakland).” The company travelled the next day. On the following day, the company rehearsed on stage. I was 100% and ready to perform. It has been 4 months since then, and I am still pain free.

Carlos Sierras, California